3 Part Television Series "History of Migration" launched by German broadcasters ZDF and ARTE.



Reality media is proud to announce,

that the television series "History of Migration" now aires on german television channels ZDF and ARTE.

The 3 x 42 Minute documentary programs take the audience on a journey that started 60.000 years ago, when mankind started to migrate.

Reality Media`s job was to create animated maps and photoreal 3D environments that were combined with life action footage of actors shot in a green screen studio. When it is all put together by our team of CGI and compositing artists "Giants" representing the human race walk over continents and landscapes. Here is a link to a 5 Minute Teaser that was released a few days ago, that features some of our work:



The programs are  available on ZDF`s and Arte`s Media Data Base following these links:



We like to thank writer/director Cristina Trebbi, Christian Twente and the team of Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion for this great collaboration.